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Fall 2023 Chicks

Click above for a printable version of all the breeds & their arrival dates.
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Our Updated Chick Purchasing Policy

Updated 2/17/2023

With the high demand for chicks, we have decided to change our chick purchasing policy and procedures effective immediately.
  • Chicks will go on sale at 9:00 am Friday mornings until sold out.*
  • Chicks will continue to be first come, first serve.
  • Chicks cannot be held or pre-purchased.
We apologize for the confusion and disappointment this first batch of spring chicks has caused. There are many factors that control the arrival time of our chicks from the hatchery. Some weeks this can be as early as Thursday or as late as Saturday. We recommend calling to confirm they have arrived prior to Friday morning. We have always strived to offer fair and equal service to all our customers and feel this change is necessary to continue to serve our customers in a fair manner.
*If chicks have not arrived for retail before 9:00 am Friday morning, a post will be made on our social media platforms and the start of retail sales will begin at 9:00 am Saturday.
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Fall 2023 Chick Breeds & Dates

Click through to see this year's chick breeds and the date they will be available.

What do I need to raise chicks?

Our chicks are sexed pullets. The hatchery has a 92% success rate.

A chicken brooder doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. This can be as simple as a cardboard box. 


A heat lamp would be ideal. Chicks want to be able to come closer to or move further from the heat lamp as they please.


We recommend using pine shavings. Avoid slick surfaces like flat newspapers. An old towel would suffice.


Feed a complete Chick Starter Feed until the chicks are 16 weeks old. You also should provide Chick Grit free choice to the flock.


Electrolytes can be added to the water to help with hydration and provided vitamins to ensure a healthy start.

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