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Lawn & Garden

Piedmont Feed & Garden Center grows many of its plants in-house and sources almost all purchased plants from North Carolina nurseries.


  • Annuals

  • Perennials

  • Tropicals, houseplants, orchids, airplants, terrarium plants, and succulents

  • Trees, fruit trees and bushes, and shrubbery

  • Vegetables, emphasis on heirloom and rare varieties

  • Seeds & Bulbs

  • Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

  • Grass seed and Spreaders

  • Gardening tools, shears, and yard tools

  • Pest/Disease Control and Repellents

  • Weed Control and Sprayers

  • Bagged mulches, and potting mixes

  • Pottery

  • Tie-downs & tarps

  • Hoses and Sprinklers

  • Original Muck Boot Company & Sloggers boots

  • Christmas trees & pumpkins (seasonally)


Piedmont Feed & Garden Center delivery on feed products. Call 919-942-7848 for pricing and scheduling.


  • Purina feeds:  horse, cattle, goat, sheep, poultry, gamebird, fish, and swine.

  • Nutrena feeds:  horse, poultry, gamebird.

  • Bartlett feeds:  poultry, swine

  • Reedy Fork Organic & Soy Free Feeds (locally produced in Elon, NC):  poultry

  • Horse Quality Hay - alfalfa, timothy, and orchard grass based on availability

  • Supplements, minerals, salt blocks for all livestock

  • Milk replacers

  • Rabbit/small pet pellets, hay, and supplies

  • Deer corn, feed, and supplements

  • Alpaca/Llama feeds

  • Stable and farm supplies:  buckets, tubs, feeders, pitchforks, bagged bedding, veterinary supplies, de-wormers, fly control, and bagged hay.

  • Wild Bird feed, feeders, suets, and accessories.

  • Alfalfa pellets & cubes, timothy pellets, beet pulp.

  • Premium dog and cat food:  Taste of the Wild, Exclusive, Victor, Diamond Naturals, Grain-Free, & more!

  • Beds, & bedding

  • Bowls, waterers, & food storage

  • Collars, leashes, & training collars

  • Brushes, grooming supplies, flea & tick prevention

  • House training equipment, litter pans, litter

  • Vitamins & Supplements

  • Toys & Treats

Bulk Materials

All bulk materials are available for pick up or delivery. Call 919-942-7848 for delivery pricing and scheduling.

  • Shavings

  • Horse Quality Hay - call for availability and type of hay in stock

  • Triple shredded hardwood mulch

  • Pine bark mulch

  • Compost

  • Piedmont Feed's Custom Blended Topsoil

  • Firewood

  • Bagged Play Sand



  • English leather goods from Collegiate and Kincade: bridles, martingales, stirrup leathers, girths, accessories, etc.

  • Weatherbeeta blankets, sheets, and fly sheets

  • Saddle pads

  • Bits

  • Dublin & Saxon riding boots

  • Original Muck Company boots

  • Troxel Helmets

  • Grooming supplies: brushes, hoof picks, combs, braiding supplies, shampoos, hoof oils, etc.

  • First aid supplies: wraps, disinfectants, etc.

  • Fly Control: sheets, masks, fly spray, etc.

  • Full range of supplements, minerals, salt, etc.

  • Leather Care

  • Stable Equipment: cross ties, trailer ties, mounting blocks, buckets, pitchforks, and more!




  • Burt's Bees products

  • Locally produced honey

  • Greenwich Bay soaps and lotions

  • Kew Gardens soaps and lotions

  • Cavallini puzzles, tea towels, aprons, art, and more!

Don't see what you're looking for? Call us - we can order!
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